Welcome to Port Chris!

This is the all new portfolio of Chris Rogers. Its always important to keep up to date with web technologies, (and my last site just didn’t!), so here it is in a brand new flesh. To give you an idea of how this was made here is the breakdown:

HTML5 CSS3 – Of course like all websites, this is designed using HTML and CSS. But this little puppy is responsive also, so give it a go on your mobile! In reality though it’s nothing to brag about, all websites should be created to be responsive now the smartphones have blown up.

Javascript (JQuery) – Used to make all the fancy slider movements and anything that animates within the page.

PHP MySQL – Used to make contact with the back end database and create dynamic HTML based on actions and clicks.
Wordpress – this has a custom themed CMS. That means I am able to login to my account and re-arrange pages, posts, images and text without having to touch the code! This is known as reusable code. This also means that my site is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly and is now in google suggestions! Boom.
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator – This was used to create all the images and graphics you see on the page.

So if you’re wondering what the old Portchris looked like well here are a few images:


Personally I loved how ridiculous this site looked… However the big issue with it was that it was coded in such an unfriendly way it made the other developers frown upon me, and google didn’t take well to the SEO either. This re design takes a more appropriate and cleaner look. This redesign was designed to attract more user input As well. as you can see, the likes of this blog has been completely changed and now anyone can make comments. So go for it!


So now you understand why it had to be changed. Stay tuned for more. I plan on bringing tips, guides and tutorials about the web design for those that are interested.

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