Hurricane Sandy – Mayan prophecies coming true!

Hurricane Sandy is nasty God, don’t let it ruin any innocent souls. The bible states that judgement day is coming, and therefore the second coming of Jesus. At this point a day of reckoning will begin a final judgement will leave us either stranded or welcome in the presence of the lord. I am not here to judge those that are wrong or right, neither do I believe that certain religions are better than others for that matter. I myself am Christian, and this is because I believe Jesus is our saviour and died for our sins, Christianity is the dominant religion in a western world, this maybe explains why I have chosen to be Christian. Either way I have faith. What I do believe is that all people have a conscience, and a clear view of what is right and wrong C.S Lewis speaks of this in his book: Mere Christianity, and explains it very well.


The Mayan prophecies have been scarily accurate with natural disasters and Hurricane Sandy is a rather significant disaster to occur, in the follow up to the end of the Mayan calendar on the 21st December 2012. Though people believe that it will be the end of the world, the actual Mayan prophecy says no such thing. It states there will be a galactic alignment. A newer description describes the date as a mark of a new era into spiritual transformation (such as becoming saved through the holy spirit). This therefore maybe a miraculous event in which should be celebrated. The problem is that whenever there is a galactic alignment involved there is also an ending of an age. The prophecies suggest there have been 3 worlds before us in which have failed. When the forth (our world as we know it) came along, God placed humanity. But every 5000 years sees a new turn over. Hence apocalypse. Whether this has ties with judgement day, who knows, but we will all find out! Question is, do you feel at peace with your conscience?

whatever the case we need to pray (or hope) that hurricane sandy does doesn’t devastate America!

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy – Mayan prophecies coming true!

  1. Mr. Rogers,

    I heard that your eyebrows were prophesied in the Mayan Calendar as being a symbol of a galactic alignment which will usher in an age of peace and tranquility for all the Asian nations east of Pakistan.

    • I despise all this spam that comes through my comment boxes! Can’t they see that the only reason I make these wondrously unusual but timely posts, is to raise my websites profile in Google. Well Mr Coolhandluke, I can see that it is pointless talking with you, because a name like that was surely created by a bot with no soul.
      And stop telling me that my PayPal account has been breached!

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