The 300 Workout

As you may know, The film 300 was hugely famous for the amount of body builders disguised as actors, including Gerard Butler. Since the movie, the film has become a demonstration of the perfect human body. There are no secrets or shortcuts to a physique such as this:

Gerard-Butler-300-Workout - Chris Rogers

Just plain hard work and heavy dieting. Lately I have changed my routines to involve more strength building exercises as opposed to bulk. So I was keen to find out how hard the 300 workout routine would be for me. Fortunately I found the routine here which anyone can view if you’re curious, or willing to try it yourself. Luckily I have trained myself enough to handle the advanced workout routine. But it’s still really difficult to finish, and I am not braking any records any time soon. What’s even more frustrating is that this is just the fitness test, NOT the routine for the week. Think of this a body pump class.

Chris Rogers attempts 300 workout

My record so far is 38 mins, the fastest official time is 18 mins, meaning I doubled it (and some). Whats your time?

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